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Making a difference in what we do is our passion

As a boutique firm specializing in business development for the Ibero-American market, we focus on:


  • Implementing advanced Corporate Governance practices in family businesses and groups, ensuring transparent and efficient management.

  • Designing innovative business models and agile strategies for their execution, adapting to the ever-changing market dynamics.

  • Expert management of business mergers and acquisitions, facilitating successful and profitable transactions.

  • Accelerating startups or emerging businesses from existing companies, boosting their growth and market consolidation.

  • Providing specialized technical advice in venture capital and private equity negotiation rounds, maximizing opportunities while minimizing risks.

  • Offering specialized technical advice for Family Offices and Investment Groups, delivering customized solutions for asset management and investment strategies.

  • Developing business negotiation strategies, focused on achieving optimal results and sustainable commercial relationships.

Our comprehensive approach and expertise in these key areas enable us to provide exceptional service, aimed at driving the success and expansion of our clients.


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